The emerging global water crisis

What's happening?
  • Around Lake Chad (think Darfur), in Iraq, in Afghanistran, in Syria, in Egypt, in Yemen and other war-torn areas of the world, the confluence of country-by-country oil crisis and unprecedented drought is creating a multitude of climate change and peak oil refugees whose plight is characterized as political strife.

  • A doctor's misdiagnosis delays treatment and healing. Instead of reaching out with compassion, warmongering states of privilege are taking these imperiled nations on a journey back in time to the dark ages.

  • Each bomb snuffs out lives, cuts off electrical supplies, thrusting more and more victims literally into darkness with diminished access to critical resources of water, food and shelter.
Those with seemingly stable living conditions gather in Paris to ponder how to cut fossil fuel combustion in order to stave off rising concentrations of CO2.

Maenwhile their instruments of power are aiding those less fortunate in their quest for participation in the modern global economy by inadvertently enforcing energy conservation through violent means, cutting off access to water and fossil fuels without contemplation of the bitter consequences which are now extending beyond their borders.

What indignation! What gratifcation is found in the readily tapped emotion of revenge!

Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen have gone from declining economic stability to energy poverty in the blink of an eye. Having had their nations' carbon footprints reduced to a small fraction of their previous levels, are they not qualified for special awards at the Paris climate summit? Both in absolute terms and on a percentage basis, these wartorn countries have done the most to reduce their carbon footprint below 1990 levels ... and are well on the pathway back to 1890 levels of energy consumption.

No energy, no water, no food, no people. Is that the world we are designing?

Wake Up!!!